Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haiku Reborn 5

My rage does not match
the girlishly high pitched scream
that escapes my mouth.

Two scenarios
seem to fit my circumstance,
and both enrage me.

Yet another bug.
Caged here by incompetence,
would be pathetic.

Worse still would be spite.
Taunting with a broken button
will call down vengeance.

I steam while sitting
in the fuzzy, green grassland.
Shrill profanity.

In my excitement
I become aware of birds
converging toward me.

High up in the sky
feathered shapes make their descent
towards delicious me.

Thinking about it
don't rabbits have quite a few
common predators?

That's what I heard on
those wildlife-habitat
television shows.

Another reason
picking fluffy,blind, no-thumbs
as a race was dumb.

At a break-neck pace,
my death on wings drew closer
while I sat thinking.

Before more cursing
before it hit me, it did:
I should be running.

My very first hop
was out of the sharp talons
of a monster bird.

It was so damn huge.
Seriously ginormous.
Or maybe I'm small?

Seven times my size,
black wing tip to black wing tip,
with glinting steel claws.

Awe-struck to the core
by its splendor, I barely
dodged its two brothers.

Kicking the hard ground,
without using my full strength
I would be lunch meat.

Almost by instinct
my body starts to zig-zag
to shake off pursuit.

Without direction
I flee from the close fly-by's,
my fur soaked in sweat.

My back screams at me
wet and sizzling in the heat.
A beautiful day.

Were it not for fear,
watching this aerial dance
would be a delight.

They circle and dive.
At the last moment I leap
and they flap past me.

One of monsters
has claws that glisten bright red.
What an odd color.

Left. Right. Left. Left. Right.
Each leap, each breath, each heart-beat,
pounds out a rhythm.

Was it an hour,
or a minute until there!
Dive into that bush!

A few cuts and scrapes
from the thorns do not matter
for such a refuge.

I am exhausted
so I think I'll rest a bit
just a little bit.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Haiku Reborn 4

I was expecting
to wait on a loading screen
but my eyes adjust.

Grass, sunlight, and wind:
I can feel the gentle touch
on my rabbit shape.

Am I in a game?
Am I even in a dream?
This is quite soothing.

Such a wide, green plain
stretching out before my eyes.
Above, bright blue sky.

Wait, this view is odd.
why can I see all around
and above right now?

Pointed straight ahead,
I shouldn't be seeing up
to view all the clouds?

Also, right in front,
there is a small little gap.
I can't see my nose!

The flat grass texture
isn't bad graphics either,
just my split vision.

One eye sees my left,
the other eye sees my right,
and both eyes look up.

I see the cloud puffs,
white whorls in striking detail,
amidst blurry grass.

How do I explore
if my sight is terrible?
I'll just hit my head!

Picking a rabbit
just to minimize point loss:
a bad decision?

Am I stuck like this?
No, let's first calm myself down.
Maybe I can change?

First, are there settings?
Can I change from first-person
to third-person view?

When I think "Settings"
all is quiet: no response.
Is the game buggy?

Perhaps it's "Menu"?
So I think it and AHA!
Menu seems to work!

Still, this hurts my eyes.
The menu is right in front
in my vision's gap.

Translucent blue bars
left and right of the center.
Who designed this shit?

If it doesn't move,
I will be forced to rage quit.
Thankfully, it moves.

Now, in my left eye,
<Status>, <Skill List> and <Quit Game>
in a floating box.

The <Quit Game> Button
is quite tempting at this point,
what with all the bugs.

I'll check the first two
before I decide to quit
just to see what's there.

Another blue box
that I drag to my right eye.
I'm so gonna quit.

<Status>, which was first:
an empty "Conditions" box
plus race, stats, and health.

Nothing new to see,
so let's move on to <Skill List>
and then I shall quit.

Blue box number three.
Where's the bug report forum
for this interface?

I am not surprised
at how unhelpful it is,
history in mind.

Four skills in a list.
Just some color-coded names.
Descriptions absent.

To top it all off,
all of these are still "Egg Skills"
which means they don't work.

Color equals rank,
so <Random> is higher rank
than my <Senses> skill?

My other two skills
<Magic:Cast>, <Affinity>
are both still white rank.

I refuse to play
as a blind guy with no skills
so let's quit the game.

I "click" on <Quit Game>
the same way as the others.
Hoping I'd wake up.

The button is grey
and nothing seems to happen.
This is the worst dream.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Haiku Reborn 3

I haven't looked yet
at the skill selection screen.

There should be cool skills
like <Disintigration Stare>
or <Telepathy>.

Yet the weird stat page
really should have tipped me off
that skills would be strange.

Two catagories:
One is way too expensive
the other, too bland.

A divine blessing
may be good or super good,
but one hundred points?

Looking at skill names,
despite"blessing" as the type
they're "____'s interest".

I blanch at the thought
of spending so many points
to perhaps be smote.

There's no description
for names such as "Min" or "Tal"
and most are greyed out.

That leaves me with those.
The ones that look super lame.
They are called "Egg Skills".

Written at the top
of the Egg catagory:
"Hatch real skills from eggs!"

At least they look cheap,
at least comparatively,
at thirty points per.

But seriously,
I have to spend thirty points
for these vague pre-skills?

The names are bad too.
Egg Skill:<Communication>
or Egg Skill:<Senses>.

Some just make no sense.
If there is a <Racial> skill,
can't I have it free?

Poor selection too.
There are only twenty some
Egg Skills to choose from.

I think that's because
the skill titles are too broad
so nothing's left out.

I'm disappointed,
severely disappointed
in this game's maker.

Oh well, let's pick some.
It doesn't interest me
as much anymore.

I decide on four,
and leave the remaining points,
nine, still unassigned.

An obvious choice
is <Magic:Cast> 'cause magic.
It's a no-brainer.

For a support skill
I'll go with <Affinity>.
Let's hope it's dark type!

I take a moment
to pick between the <Senses>
and <Movement> Egg skills.

Both of them sound dull
but by RPG logic
they should both be good.

I can't stand the thought
of filling two of four skills
with boring ones though.

<Senses> it is then,
but only because the list
is scrolled towards the end.

For the final skill
I just pick the <Random> Egg
hoping for secrets.

There may be more skills
that are not shown on the list
yet <Random>-able.

Popping back to stats
I spend the last of my points
raising Endurance.

From Pink up to Orange
Endurance rises two steps
to toughen me up.

With every point spent
my vision is fast engulfed
in a bright white light.

At last I can play!
Unless I'm waking up now.
Then I'd be grumpy.

Spending all that time
creating an avatar
would be sad to waste.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Haiku Reborn 2

I think I'll choose stats
before I assign my skills,
saving best for last.

Instead of numbers
a list of words in colors
appears before me.

A typical set
split in three mind, three body
a role-playing trope.

The ranking is shown
from the lowest to highest;
from white up to black.

White Pink Red Orange
Yellow Green Blue Purple Black.
Nine ranks in total.

For the body set:
Strength, Nimbleness, Endurance
are my colored stats.

As for mental stats:
Wisdom, Intellect, and Charm
are shown floating here.

For some odd reason
the mental sliders don't move
despite my efforts.

Fifty-seven points
invested in my mind stats
that I can not change!

Bugs are annoying
especially in my dreams.
Is this a nightmare?

Thankfully for me
the body sliders do move
but movement costs points.

Mental stats seem set
to the average human stats
or something like that.

The floating bunny
seems to become more bulky
when I mess with strength.

I don't change much though.
just spending four points in strength
maximized at red.

It seems that rabbits
are limited in their strength
since they are so small.

Seventy-one points
spent out of the two-hundred.
Now on to my skills!